A downloadable game for Windows

Sweeper is an adventure game developed in 10 days for the Gameboy Jam 4.

Explore a dungeon filled with hazards, secrets and dangerous creatures, armed with your weapon of choice: a broom!


Z : Swing broom
X : Secondary weapon
C : Change secondary weapon
Spacebar : Toggle map/Pause
Alt+Enter : Toggle Fullscreen

Install instructions


This game requires the DirectX to be installed. You can get them from here:


Sweeper v.1.03.exe 5 MB


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Can you make a mac version of this game?


Hello! I enjoyed your game, it had a neat little concept and looked great! Unfortunately I couldn't progress very far into the game but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. I made a let's play of your game here~



What engine/game maker did you use to make this game?