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Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons

Jigoku Kisetsukan is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up of the bullet hell genre with anime-style drawings and chip music.

The game features 6 playable characters with different play style, 5 stages and 4 levels of difficulty.
Each character has a slightly different storyline and a unique final boss fight.

The game is localized in English, Japanese and Italian.


The game is also on Steam for free!

Keyboard Controls

  • Z : Shoot / Confirm
  • X : Special attack / Back / Skip dialogue
  • Shift: Focus mode
  • Arrow keys : Movement
  • F5 or Alt+Enter : Toggle fullscreen
  • F12 : Take screenshot
  • ESC : Menu / Skip dialogue

Gamepad Controls

  • A : Shoot / Confirm
  • B : Special attack / Back / Skip dialogue
  • LB : Focus mode
  • Start : Pause

Programming & Art

Emanuele "Emad" Franceschini (@Emad_Jigoku)


Lada Laika
Dubmood & Zabutom
Andrey Avkhimovich

Updated 6 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
TagsAnime, Bullet Hell, danmaku, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter


Jigoku Kisetsukan v.1.06.zip 81 MB
Jigoku Kisetsukan - Character Book.pdf 28 MB

Install instructions

If the game crashes during the first level you need to install the DirectX.
You can download it on the Microsoft website.


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whenever i play the first stage and this yellow thing appears, an error, a literal gamemaker studio 2 error tells me it failed to find some asset to load the boss health bar

You need to install the DirectX for the shader handling the boss health bar to work.

Me pergunto se isso se trata de ser uma cópia de Touhou...

what game engine/framework was this made in? just wondering.

The game is definitely extremely heavily inspired from Touhou -- same control, more or less same mechanics esp. with the newer games, etc. Some bullet patterns I definitely recognize XD (in particular I saw some that shoot similar bullet patterns with the fairies in stage one of Subterranean Animism... they gave me PTSD)

...though... this game's normal... is Hard in most Touhou games... maybe LoLK's Normal. Definitely way tougher than what I'm used to... either that or maybe I have rusted this past few months -- got game over at stage 4 on my first try.

Definitely very good stuff. Enjoyed it.

I am glad I found this

knock-off touhou??

so my game crashes and says theres a code error every time it gets to the yellow dinosaur thing in the first level, does anyone else experience that

Read the paragraph under Install instructions, you are missing the DirectX.


I really enjoyed this! The true end boss was super-cathartic and cool. You don't see shmups playing with storytelling and structure like that very often, I appreciated it.


Glad you enjoyed the ending! :)


Oh man, this game is just so fucking fantastic. I will admit that I don't care much for the story, but the gameplay is just so polished and fun to play, and it's pretty accessible for a shmup. Still playing it to this day, so thanks for this fab game!


I don't know if you still check this page out, but I remember getting this game on Steam and still can't believe that you've never charged money for this game.

Your game actually inspired me to work on my own bullet hell which I just released an alpha build of: https://biggestboss.itch.io/lumiette

I hope that everything is going well and wanted to thank you again for making this game.


Thank you :) Good luck with your project!


This bullet hell is pretty awesome, nice setup and gameplay. It's a must play for any danmaku fan.

I made a review in spanish about this game: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2017/11/jigoku-kisetsukan-sense-of-seasons-un.ht...


This game is so good

Generally I don't stick to a itch.io game for too long because there are many, but as a Touhou fan I'll stick to this game for a long time

Definitively worthed to download, especially for a free game

It's when I see that I need directX is when I get so pissed since I put a comment saying the game won't work. I really hate myself right now


Where can I report bugs? I don't use Tumblr/Twitter for privacy reasons but I don't like the idea of putting it here in the comments so anyone can see it even if it's already fixed.


This game is great!, i can't believe that the game is free.